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There are many Armenian traces and cultural values in Georgia, particularly in Tbilisi. The local Armenian community pays special attention to their preservation and cleaning up the area of cultural heritage. At the initiative of the Department of Youth Affairs at the Armenian Diocese in Georgia, young volunteers occasionally organize the Armenian cultural heritage clean up in different areas.

On May 6, 2017, with support from the Administrative Department of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia and by the initiative of the Department of Youth Affairs, the cleaning up works were carried out at the Tbilisi Pantheon of the Armenian Writers and Public Figures “Khojivank”. 15 boys and girls, participants of volunteer training of the Department of Youth Affairs, led by Nina Seropova, Youth Programs Coordinator, headed to the Pantheon “Khojivank”, taking with them necessary tools.

The group worked all day long with great enthusiasm, removed weeds and garbage, loosened the soil, rinsed away surface dirt from the gravestones, and cleaned up the area of the Armenian cemetery.

At the end of the day, the youth physically exhausted, but satisfied, completed their work.

It is every man’s obligation to care for and preserve the national cultural heritage, especially if it is located outside the motherland. Soon the youth will clean up the old Armenian Cemetery of Vera. The Saturday cleaning day event and care for the Armenian cultural heritage would be ongoing in the Armenian Diocese in Georgia.

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