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From Glendale to Artsakh – a Cognitive Visit

On July 4, 2017, within the framework of a cognitive visit to Javakheti, Member of Glendale City Council Zareh Sinanyan and General Arshaluys Paytyan arrived in Akhalkalaki. The high-ranking guests were greeted with salt and bread by Very Rev. Fr. Babken Salbiyan, the Prelate of Samtskhe-Javakheti and Tsalka's General Prelacy of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia, the clergy and the Vachian Armenian Dance Ensemble at the local Surb Khach (Holy Cross) Church. The guests laid flowers to the cross-stone commemorating Armenian Genocide in the church courtyard, later they lit candles and raised their prayers in the church, where Father Babken briefed the attendees on the activities of the church and the Prelacy, and the history of the church, conveyed his blessings to the guests and passed out gifts (icons).

In Akhalkalaki, on behalf of Glendale City Council, Zareh Sinanyan granted a certificate to Samvel Petrosyan.

The guests visited the Georgian Church in Akhalkalaki, laid a wreath at the monument to the April 9 victims, toured the House-Museum of Troubadour Jivani.

According to Member of Glendale City Council Zareh Sinanyan, the visit was purely cognitive and aimed at getting familiarized with the local community issues.

“In case of Akhaltsikhe – to get to know the local authorities, to understand the problems they have, what kind of relations exist between the authorities and the community, and what role can the community of South California play. I have the impression that the Armenians of Akhaltsikhe are more integrated into Georgian society,”- Zareh Sinanyan noted.

According to him, like everywhere else, the issues are social, there are some serious issues facing school education, for example, the fact that in the 1980s there were 1200 students attending the school, and now there are only 100 students. And this is the issue concerning me the most,”- Member of Glendale City Council mentioned, however the worst thing is that there is a large flow of Armenians moving from the region. The high ranking guest expressed concern over the poor state of the roads in Akhalkalaki. “I wish the Diaspora would care about Javakheti the way they care about Armenia and Artsakh. We have not yet decided what actions to take, but we will cooperate,”- Zareh Sinanyan said.

The idea of organizing the visit of the guests from Hamshen, the USA and Armenia to Akhaltsikha was the idea of freedom fighter of the Artsakh war Eduard Enfiajyan, who is from Akhaltsikhe and currently lives in Los Angeles, California.


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