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On July 8, 2017, a spacious yard at Javakhishvili 37 in Tbilisi hosted the participants of a festive event in the multinational city with rich coloring.

This yard with wooden balconies, three-storey houses, adjacent apartments, and 68 families once living there, despite the generational change and a reduction in the number of families, even today has preserved the spirit of good neighborly relations. At present times the children of the Georgian, Armenian, Greek and Jewish people continue to live together, support each other and share their joy in Old Tbilisi’s style.

Tbilisi Yard Festival organized by “Artarea TV” is aimed at identification of everyday life, national traditions and culture of multinational inhabitants of traditional yards, still preserved in Tbilisi. The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Georgia and Tbilisi City Hall.

The yard is truly a piece of history with its wooden balconies, eastern ornamented carpets, winding stairs, clothes lines, children playing in the yard and backgammon players. Different musical instruments had been placed in the center of the yard, while the attendees where sitting on the roofs of the cars, turning the yard into a big hall. The occasion was honored with the presence of Georgian MP Salome Zurabishvili.

The executive director of «ArtareaTV» Sopio Khuntsaria offered opening remarks. The author of the project spoke about Tbilisi architecture, traditional cultural relations and customs, which for centuries have been a business card of the city, its rare treasure and charm.

Director of the Hayartun Center of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia, Levon Chidilyan offered welcoming remarks. Stressing the significance of the event, he emphasized the importance of getting to know each other better, becoming friends, eliminating stereotypes created over the years, which can be achieved only through love and respect.

Famous singer Eka Mamaladze gave a wonderful performance.

The Hayartun Center of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia had the honor to open the concert. Musicologist Ketevan Baiashvili gave detailed comments, while Anna Badalyan and Aida Bazoyan performed songs of Armenian “gusans” bards, duduk and dhol classes led by Ivane Mkrtchyan and Robert Kashavanidze delivered enchanting performance. The demonstration of examples of Armenian culture concluded with a traditional Armenian dance “Karno Kochari” performed by the Taron Dance Group.

The concert featured the representatives of the Jewish and Azerbaijani communities, who skillfully performed national songs.

The performance of the “Baraka” Ensemble led by Mikhail Javakhishvili and Mikhail Mdinaradze was very impressive. The highlight of the concert was a medley of Georgian, Armenian, Azerbaijani and Jewish melodies, performed by the soloists of the aforementioned communities.

Tbilisi Yard Festival turned into a demonstration of the multinational city with rich coloring. 

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