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Armenian Daily Bread – Lavash PDF Print E-mail

A1On November 29, 2017, the Home of the Future Center of Akhalkalaki regional administration hosted an event dedicated to Armenian lavash bread.

In attendance were Rev. Father Yeghishe Harutyunyan and Rev. Father Tatev Marukyan, Pastor of Akhalkalaki and nearby villages. Chairman of Municipality 1Assembly (Sakrebulo) Nairi Iritsyan; Mayor Yuri Hunanyan; Valery Stelmashov, Head of Department of Sport and Youth Affairs of regional administration; high-ranking officials, parents, guests and civil society members also attended the celebration.

The hall was decorated accordingly. 2Baking tools and utensils required for baking bread, particularly Armenian lavash, were shown. Children dressed in national costumes, demonstrated the Armenian lavash baking process – from kneading bread dough to baking it in tonir (a clay oven). Sayings associated with daily bread were read. The event was adorned with beautiful poems and songs dedicated to Armenian lavash.3

At the conclusion of the event, Father Tatev offered his blessings; he extended his words of appreciation to the staff and talented students of the Home of the Future Center for organizing this beautiful and original event. Father Tatev reminded the congregation that the sanctity of bread is depicted in the Sacrament of Holy Communion, and exhorted the people present always to attend the Divine Liturgy.

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