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Official Visit of Primate of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia to Javakheti PDF Print E-mail

DSC 8123On 3-4 March, 2018,  the Primate of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia, His Grace Bishop Vazgen Mirzakhanyan; accompanied by Diocesan officials, Director of the Educational Department, Eugenia Markosyan; Director of Youth Department, Valeri Badalian; program coordinator Nina Seropova; and Assistant to the Primate, Deacon Gevorg Antonyan;  conducted  a two-day working visit to Samtskhe-Javakheti.
Meetings within the framework of the visit started in Ninotsminda. In the “Rafael Javakh” Center of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia, the Primate and his accompanying officials visited the senior group. The Primate of the Diocese congratulated everyone on the occasion of Mother's Day, touched upon church feasts and explained the mystery of the day, Commemoration of St. John the Patriarch of Jerusalem, Armenian Patriarch St. John of Otzoon, St. John of Vorotan and St. DSC 8147Gregory of Datev. Then the guests watched the lessons of aesthetic, declamatory, English classes, encouraged the students.
A meeting with the teaching stuff was held in the Center. Rev. Father Armash Poghosyan, Pastor of Armenians of Ninotsminda and the neighboring villages and Zhora Snkhchyan, Director of “Rafael Javakh” Center presented the current year’s works and talked about the outlined programs. Eugenia DSC 8162Markosyan, Director of the Educational Department of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia highly appreciated Center’s activity in the educational and aesthetic direction and expressed willingness for further assistance and cooperation. Valeri Badalyan, Director of Youth Department, presented the works of the Department to the youth and teaching stuff, outlined programs and proposed to include youth of Ninotsminda in the youth programs of the Diocese. By the suggestion of Rev. Father Armash, for creating a youth union, Arkadi Putulyan was appointed as a representative of the youth department of the Diocese for Ninotsminda and the neighboring villages. DSC 8158
After meeting, in Ninotsminda St. Sarkis Church the Diocesan officials and teachers of “Rafael Javakh” Center participated in the blessing ceremony of the “Lectionary” (liturgical book - Chashu Girk ) with silver-plated ornaments, donated to the Church by benefactor Varazdat Marabyan. The blessing ceremony was held under the presidency of the Primate of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia.
The guests from Tbilisi also visited Ninotsminda Youth Center, where Artak Gabrielyan, Coordinator of the Council of Armenian NGO’s in Samtskhe-Javakheti and Karine Tadevosyan, Chairperson of Armenian relief society of Javakheti welcomed the guests. The representatives of the Center's departments thoroughly introduced activities of the DSC 8206Center to Diocesan Primate and offered close cooperation between “Rafael Javakhk” Center and the Pastorate. The Diocesan Primate highly appreciated the dedicated work of Artak Gabrielyan and Karine Tadevosyan and expressed willingness to support the good mission of the Center. The students of the Center's carpet weaving group presented their handmade works to the guests.
On the same evening, the Diocese officials visited Surb Khach (The Holy Cross) Church in Akhalkalaki and attended the Evening Service.
Then in Akhalkalaki, in the Headqaurters of the General Prelacy, meeting of the spiritual servants of Akhalkalaki and Ninotsminda and the General Prelacy’s officials was held. During the meeting Pastors presented to the Diocesan Primate the issues they were interested in and received exhaustive answers of their questions. DSC 8194
During the meeting, the participants were introduced to the future plans of the Educational and Youth Departments, by its directors. There were reached practical arrangements and outlined new programs. It was decided to appoint Acolyte Nairi Melikyan a representative of the Youth Department of the Diocese in Akhalkalaki, Arman Aroyan, a representative of Aragova and the neighboring villages, Radik Yezoyan, a representative of Diliska and neighboring villages.
The Primate of the Diocese gave appropriate instructions to the meeting participants and informed them that 2018 has been proclaimed as a year of youth by Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholics of All Armenians. He urged the priests to prepare youth and make them to participate in the planned pilgrimage to the Mother See of Holy 20180304 113535Etchmiadzin, on July 8, 2018.
On 4 March, on the second day of the official visit, Eugenia Markosyan, Director of the Educational Department of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia, visited the “Khrimyan Hayrik”  Kindergarten in Aragova. Director of the kindergarten Narine Ter-Mkrtchyan, led by the Pastor, Rev. Father Tadeos Ter-Mkrtchyan presented the activities of the kindergarten and future programs. In her speech, Director noted that 35 children attend the kindergarten, they come from Aragova and neighboring Zak, Goman, Korkh, Totkham villages.
Director Markosyan conveyed children's literature to the kindergarten, as well as didactic materials. She discussed with the teachers the new program of kindergarten's activity and future plans. IMG 3533
On the same day, Valeri Badalyan, Director of the Youth Department of the Diocese, met with the church-loving young people and discussed with them the upcoming programs.
IMG 8761-04-03-18-11-57The Primate of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia, His Grace Bishop Vazgen Mirzakhanyan; attended the Sunday Divine Liturgy in the Surb Khach (Holy Cross) Church in Akhalkalaki. The Divine Liturgy was celebrated by Rev. Father Yeghishe Harutyunyan.
During the Liturgy, in his sermon His Grace Bishop Vazgen talked about the mystery of the day.
After the Divine Liturgy, the Diocesan Primate and the officials visited Akhalkalaki Youth Center. The Primate of the Diocese and accompanying him officials, were welcomed by Artak Gabrielyan, Coordinator of the Council of Armenian NGO’s in Samtskhe-Javakheti and IMG 8742-04-03-18-11-57Karine Tadevosyan, Chairperson of Armenian relief society of Javakhk. They presented the activities of the Center in detail. The guests watched the dance group’s lessons, visited Center’s museum, watched handmade works of the students of felt group.
Eugenia Markosyan, Director of the Educational Department of the Diocese attended the lesson of the one-day school adjunct to the Headquarters of the General Prelacy in Akhalkalaki (Teacher Zaruhi Barbaryan), as well as choir’s (Conductor Gayane Aghajanyan) and dance group (Choreographer Naslet Keyan) lessons.
On the way back the Primate and officials of the Diocese made a stop in Pastorate of Akhaltsikhe, visited the St. Gregory the Illuminator Church, met with local spiritual fathers, public figures and faithful.
Late in the evening, the delegation led by the Primate, finishing the working visit to Javakheti, returned to Tbilisi.

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