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Directorate of Hovhannes Tumanyan House-Museum in Yerevan was hosted in Tbilisi PDF Print E-mail

A1On June 7, 2018, the delegation of Hovhannes Tumanyan House-Museum in Yerevan, led by Director Narine Tukhikyan arrived in Tbilisi on a three-day working visit. The aim of the visit was to outline the programs to be implemented in the 150th anniversary of the great Armenian poet in the framework of the cooperation with “House of Hovhannes Tumanyan” Center for Science and Culture of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia.
During the three days of the working visit, members of the delegation, including Deputy Director IMG 5920Ani Yeghiazaryan, Educational programs' coordinator Maria Adamyan and employee of the department Anahit Stepanyan, organizing various meetings and attending Armenian organizations, presented to the Armenians in Tbilisi the honorable purpose to solemnly and with the participation of all nation celebrate great Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan's glorious anniversary.
The meetings with the guests from Motherland were large-scale and comprehensive, involving all generations of the Armenian community in Tbilisi. Receiving blessings and warm wishes of the Primate of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia, His Grace Bishop Vazgen Mirzakhanyan the Museum staff undertook the implementation of the aims of IMG 5948visit.
The guests gladly appreciated the “House of Hovhannes Tumanyan” Center, which was established in the same way as Hovhannes Tumanyan House-Museum in Yerevan, emphasizing one difference - inside of the walls of this house Great poet from Lori personally was walking, acting and creating his immortal works. Gisane Hovsepyan, Director of the All Armenian's poet apartment-center in Tbilisi and the guests from the Motherland outlined the schedule of events, which will be held in Georgia, particularly in Tbilisi, where the great folk poet was living the last period of his life and where he was buried.IMG 5957
One of the main points of the House-Museum delegation's visit was working meeting held between the Directorate of the Museum and co-chairman of the Georgia Writers Association Maghvala Gonashvili, poet and translator Givi Shahnazar, Director of the Center Gisane Hovsepyan and head of the “Hayartun” Center and Department of Culture of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia Levon Chidilyan.   The parties discussed the publishing programs within the frameworks of which the publication of Tumanyan's works' Georgian translations, as well as publication of other Armenian and Georgian authors' works will be implemented.
IMG 5985The event, which took place at the first day of delegation's visit held at the “House of Hovhannes Tumanyan” Center for Science and Culture and was attended by high graders of Armenian Schools in Tbilisi, as well as students of the 1+4 educational program from the State University after Ivane Javakhishvili, led by lecturer Zoya Mkhitaryan. During the meeting, a documentary film about Tumanyan's life and activity was shown. It shed light on some pages of the poet's life. The Director of the Hovhannes Tumanyan House-Museum highlighted the importance of holding of the events dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Hovhannes Tumanyan not only in Armenia, but also in all Armenian organizations in Diaspora, she urged the attendees to participate in worldwide Olympiad.  IMG 6013
The staff of Hovhannes Tumanyan House-Museum visited the other center of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia – “Hayartun” Educational and Cultural Center. At the “Surb Movses Khorenatsi” (“Saint Moses of Khoren”) Preschool of the Center the students of two groups of the preschool took part in the various games, held by the guests from Yerevan in the spirit of Great poet's fairy-tales, stories, fables and legends. Experts of the educational sector from Motherland were truly surprised by the students' excellent knowledge of Tumanyan's fairy-tales and their ability to retell them. The guests highly appreciated efforts exerted by the teachers of the IMG 6028Preschool. And the students of one-day school of Armenian language with great enthusiasm and interest were actively involved in the lotto-game on Tumanyan's proverbs and sayings, created in 1915.  The teachers and students of the one-day school also received high appreciation from the guests.
It was remarkable, that the staff of Hovhannes Tumanyan House-Museum had a meeting also with the Tbilisi-Armenian ladies who visited the “House of Hovhannes Tumanyan” Center those days. The attendees recalled Tumayan's memories and stories, as well as philosophical quatrains through the parchments prepared by the founder and director of the puppet theatre of the Center Armen Hovhannisyan and actor Ashot Simonyan. Afterwards, the attendees interested in the importance of proper holding the events, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of poet who is beloved by all Armenian generations.
The delegation of Hovhannes Tumanyan House-Museum in Yerevan returned to Motherland with outlined schedules of events, dedicated to the poet's anniversary.

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