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At the reporting concert Armenian culture was presented through duduk, dhol and dance ensemble performances PDF Print E-mail

A1On July 3, 2018, the reporting concert of the duduk and dhol groups and “Taron” Dance Ensemble took place at the Calouste Gulbenkian Hall of the “Hayartun” Center. The concert program included performances which showed the progress, achieved by the students of the groups during the academic year.
The hall was crowded. In attendance were clergy of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia, Diocesan officials, parents, community figures, guests from the Republic of 1 1Armenia and Russian Federation. The event started with the Lord's Prayer and the blessings of the Primate of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia, His Grace Bishop Vazgen Mirzakhanyan.
The performances of the groups followed one another and were presented by Suren Abramyan and Aida Bazoyan. It was remarkable that the reporting concert was also cognitive and educative. The announcers briefly presented and analyzed each performance, harmonizing it with the title of the concert, which properly presented the target of the event as well as gave an opportunity correctly understand the idea of the concert.
With performance skills and emotions the event became a testimony to the progress of the “Hayartun” Center for Culture. The wonderful music presented by the students of 1 2the dhol and duduk groups, marvelous dance of the senior and junior groups of the dance ensemble, as well as gentle and heartwarming songs performed by soloist Aida Bazoyan received warm reception of the attendees and their thunderous ovations.
Indeed, the skills of the students were enhanced and improved, which is the result of their diligence, hard efforts of their teachers and work done by directorate of the Center. The progress made by students was revealed through the dances of the “Taron” dance ensemble (choreographer Suren Abramyan). These dances were also expression of the Armenian defensive and fighting spirit, as well as devotion to family and gentle love revealed in wonderful dances of girls.  1 3
The performances of the duduk group (teacher Ivane Mkrtchyan) were impressive. Staying true to the spirit of the city of Tbilisi, the national and gusan (songs performed by minstrel or poet-musicians) songs, love melodies, which are so charming, sounded through musical instrument made with apricot wood. And due to the dhol group's (teacher Robert Kashavanidze) performances the national spirit was expressed, in which sounded also a call for fighting, an alarm signal as well as triumph of victory. It is noteworthy that the students of the duduk and dhol groups presented solo performances accompanied by dances and songs.
Benefactor Boris Saakov, artistic director of the Armenian State Ensemble of Song and Dance after Tatul Altounian, Honored Artist of the Republic of Armenia Zhirayr Altounian; former employee of the 1 4Embassy of the Republic of Armenia to Georgia Vladimir Karapetyan and the Director of the Press Department of the Armenian Diocese Susanna Khachatryan shared their impressions on the reporting concert.
The Primate of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia, His Grace Bishop Vazgen Mirzakhanyan blessed the attendees and highly appreciated the reporting concert, valued 1 5performances shown with high skills. The Diocesan Primate expressed his gratitude to the students' parents, who realized the importance of the Armenian education and upbringing and brought their children to the “Hayartun” Center. His Grace Bishop Vazgen Mirzakhanyan expressed his satisfaction to Levon Chidilyan, Director of the Department of Culture of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia for preservation Armenian identity in the Center and properly development of activities of “Hayartun”.  His Grace highly appreciated the valuable contribution of Eugenia Markosyan, Director of the Educational Department of the Diocese and sound producer Sergey Arutyunyan, highlighted their efforts in the works of the groups, their attention and support to the students' daily exercises. The Diocesan Primate ended his speech with the message of properly presenting the Armenian culture in Tbilisi, the basis of which are established in Armenian schools and the mission of which was assumed by the “Hayartun” Center.

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