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Puppeteer Armen Hovhannisyan’s puppets at the exhibition in Yerevan PDF Print E-mail

A1On July 31, 2018, an exhibition of puppets opened at the Hovhannes Tumanyan House Museum in Yerevan. The main organizer of the exhibition was Marina Khachmanukyan. The purpose of the exhibition is to make famous the puppetry in 38411790Armenia and to promote its recognition as a separate branch of applied art.  This branch of art is established in many developed countries long ago. Even puppet museums are operating in these countries. But we cannot say the same about Armenia. The aim of this exhibition is to encourage the relevant state agencies, particularly the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia, to establish a puppet museum in Armenia.
About 40 puppeteers from different countries took part in the exhibition, presenting their more than 150 works.  Famous puppeteer Armen Hovhannisyan, Director of the puppet theater of the “House of Hovhannes Tumanyan” Center of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia 38439925participated in the exhibition. The talented puppeteer presented 3 works: Tumanyan's doll, who was welcoming the guests of the exhibition, a fairy tea party, presenting various characters of the fairy tale, gathered around the tea table, drinking tea made in samovar (self-boiler) and talking on different topics and the doll of heroine of Tumanyan's “Parvana” legend, holding the light in her hands and waiting for the brave heroes. This puppet is an exclusive doll, because she is crying and tears flow down from her eyes… waiting for the hero who will bring the undying fire of love…
The exhibition will continue till the end of August. Indeed, all puppets are good and kind, and all fairy tales end with the victory of good… Hurry up to admire this wonderful fairy exhibition.

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