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Armenian cuisine was presented in Batumi PDF Print E-mail

38297979On July 31, 2018, at the Batumi coastal park, a National Minority Culture38143514 Festival was held at the alleyway leading to the colonnade. National communities, associations, unions and centers presented samples of Greek, Armenian, Ukrainian, 38086009Abkhazian, German, Jewish national cuisines, as well as artistic compositions and performed national dances and songs.
The Armenian national culture was presented by the38025480 “Alexander Mantashev” Educational, Cultural and Youth Center in Batumi (the Armenian Diocese in Georgia), led by the Head of the Center Sona Hovhannisyan. The Armenian pavilion was decorated with national tasty dolma, delicious harisa, sweet pilaf, various fruits. The Armenian pavilion came to perfection when the Armenian national dance “Kochari” was performed by the “Heghnar” Ensemble.

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