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A11On September 2, 2018, the feast of ashugh song was celebrating in the village of Ayazma, Tsalka region. The celebration was dedicated to Gusan Havasi (Armenak Parsami Markosyan) who was born in that village. It was also dedicated to the Armenian singing art.   1
Gusan Havasi has written 2000 songs and 1500 quatrains, melodies and has responded to all the questions of the era. His mind always in a new way was expressing through the songs and poems dedicated to the homeland, birthplace and beloved person.
The people, who had gathered at the nearby area of the village, had come to enjoy the charm of the gusan songs again, to be amazed by the ideas expressed through the music and poems, songs and quatrains of Gusan Havasi, who was born here.  2
The Chairman of the Tsalka's Regional Assembly Irakli Gigineishvili, Tsalka's Municipality Mayor Ilia Sabadza, head of the “Vernatun” Union of Armenian Writers of Georgia Zhora Snkhchyan, poet Albert Isoyan, artistic groups of the “Hayartun” Center of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia, led by Eugenia Markosyan were in attendance. The relatives of Gusan Havasi were present at the event.
Before the event was started, Rev. Father Ghevond Topashyan, pastor of the Armenian communities of the Tsalka region of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia and Deacon Kamo Tazayan offered Requiem Service near the memorial of Havasi.3
Yuri Khechoyan, Chairman of the Committee of Culture, Sport and Health of the Tsalka Municipality gave opening remarks. In his speech, the latter emphasized that the commemoration of the People's Artist of the Armenian SSR, Gusan Havasi, which started in 1991 and traditionally celebrated every September, do not belong to one community. It has become an event of regional scale as well as manifestation of the Armenian – Georgian friendship, which is attended by high-ranking regional officials, guests from different regions of Georgia and Armenia, admirers of ashugh song from Tbilisi and Yerevan.
4The speakers unequivocally valued the rich inner world of the great gusan who lost his eyesight as a result of illness, but preserve his optimism. They touched upon philosophical poems and quatrains expressed through the songs, which are still up-to-date with their ideas of love,5 friendship of nations and patriotism.
After announcement of Yuri Hanesyan, who conducted the concert, joyful songs and music followed one another. Artistic group adjunct to the Tsalka Regional Assembly performed Georgian songs and dances. Once again the song of immortal gusan Havasi spread in Ayazma performed by the talented soloists Hayastan Ispiryan and Edward Tamaryan. The dance group of the village of Ozni in Tsalka region presented the Armenian dance. The  soloists of the “Hayartun” 6Center of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia Henrikh Petrosyan and Aida Bazoyan, groups of duduk and dhol, “Taron” Dance Ensemble participated in the event with their beautiful performances.
And the gathered people were happy to enjoy the charm of the song of great gusan, who saw with the eyes of his soul.
The feast of gusan Havasi was concluded with reception in the village of Ayazma organized by the Municipality.

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