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A1On September 10, 2018, the centenarian hall of the Georgia Writers Association hosted the admirers of the Armenian and Georgian poetry, those who appreciate Armenian-Georgian literary ties. The event dedicated to the friendship of the peoples, the deepening of literary ties, the need to get closer to each other with a literature took place here. It was the presentation of the second book written by talented poetess Sona Van and translated into Georgian. The collection of poems called “Libretto for Desert” devoted to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, translated into 15 languages of the world, was presented to Georgian readers with the translation of the famous poet and translator1 Givi Shahnazar. The book was edited by poetess Makvala Gonashvili and the author of the drawing design is Giorgi Tsereteli.
The Co-chair of the Georgia Writers Association Makvala Gonashvili gave opening remarks. Evaluating the book as a continuation of the Armenian-Georgian literary relations, she mentioned the emotional emphasis which does not leave the reader indifferent, and in this case, the Georgian reader 2participates in the war of the poetess against the human beings' instinct of destruction. Mrs. Gonashvili announced the decision to accept the talented poetess Sona Van as honorary member of the Georgia Writers Association and handed her a membership license.
The event was honored with the presence of the Primate of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia, His Grace Bishop Vazgen Mirzakhanyan. The latter highly appreciated the importance of the Armenian-Georgian literary ties, valued the mission to introduce two people their national literature, which is being implemented by the Writers’ Unions of the two countries and famous writers and translators of the two nations. His Grace expressed his readiness to 3contribute to the development of these ties.
The author of the translation Givi Shahnazar spoke about Sona Van’s poetry and highlighted the emotional momentum and sharp questions in her poetry. The latter read an extract from the “Libretto for Desert” book translated into Georgian.
Actor Zhanri Lolashvili, writers Badri Kutateladze, Manana Gorgishvili, Deniko Loladze, editor of “Vrastan” (Georgia) newspaper Van Bayburdyan and others expressed their appreciation for Sona Van’s poetry. Silva Yuzbashyan, Honorary Artist of the Republic of Armenia recited Sona Van’s poems in Armenian.
Sona Van, who has specially arrived from United States on the occasion of the event, thanked all the organizers, mentioned that the target of the “Libretto 4for Desert” book is war and genocide. “The war is the only natural enemy of women. We give birth to our children and the war kills them in the battlefield. Whoever says “yes” to happiness, says “no” to war. I can say that I have taken “weapons” to all the countries into which languages the book was translated,” emphasized the poetess in her speech.
The “Libretto for Desert” book will be presented in October at the Kenya Poetry Festival. Meanwhile, this collection of poems will travel to China to participate in the “Belt and World” International Poetry Festival.
Sona Van's “Libretto for Desert” book, translated into Polish has been awarded the Janicius International Award after Klemens Janicki.  Sona Van has been awarded the HOMER European Medal of Poetry and Art in Poland.

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