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Pilgrimage of Akhaltsikhe residents to Western Armenia PDF Print E-mail

A1On September 25, 2018, about 40 faithful left for Western Armenia, led by Rev. Father Hakob Sahakyan, the Spiritual Superintendant in Akhaltsikhe of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia and Rev. Father Armash Poghosyan, the Pastor of Ninotsminda and nearby villages as well as with the support from Manvel Torosyan, benefactor of the Spiritual Superintendence.
The pilgrims of the Saint Gregory the Illuminator (Surb Grigor Lusavorich) church 42654645 510961825982030 7726054907421130752 oin Batumi first visited Chldr Lake (Tsovakn Hyusiso, means Sea of North) and afterwards left for Kars. They visited the Arakelots (Apostles’) church in Kars which was built in 928-953, during the reign of Armenian King Abas Bagratuni and was unfortunately turned into mosque. The pilgrims were impressed by the impregnable appearance of the Castle of Kars and the panorama in general. Passing by the Saint Vardan Bridge, they saw two—story houses built with black stones and the ruins of Yeghishe Charents’s paternal house next to them. The pilgrims’ next stop was the Cathedral of Ani. They also attended the village of Yaghjilar (Karenkots) which was inhabited by migrants from the village of Poqr (Small) Pamach.
The next day, the pilgrims left for the city of Erzurum, the Western Armenian city which was populated by many Armenians. From there and hundreds of neighboring villages, under 42821443 510962325981980 7902839046974472192 othe leadership of Archbishop Karapet, about 50.000 Armenian people migrated and settled in Javakhk. They visited an Armenian Church and the Sanasaryan School in Erzurum.
The pilgrims were also in the city of Mush, in Taron Province of Greater Armenia. They visited the Saint Marine Church, which is semi-dilapidated, Armenian cemetery, where Gevorg Chaush’s remains are, then rise to Sulukh 42851628 510961965982016 1373728513483341824 oBridge where Gevorg Chaush was killed in an unequal battle.
The next visit was on the island of Akhtamar, pilgrims attended Holy Cross (Surb Khach) temple which is a silent witness of Artsruni dynasty's wealth and glory. It was built by Architect Manvel in 915-921. Afterwards they visited the first Armenian capital Van which is one of paradises of Western Armenia as well as the fortress of Van, built during the Urartian era and where the tombs of Argishti, Menua and Rusa kings are.
The pilgrims visited the fortress of Bayazet here. There, in the high rocks is located the ancient fortress and German traveler Wagner wrote about it, “It is a glorious and wonderful construction located in such places where the hawks and vultures hardly dare to nest”.
The pilgrims enjoyed the beauty of Berkri waterfall, visited the Door of Mher.
They prayed together and receiving great spiritual strength and light returned to Akhalkalaki.

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