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Peaceful march and candle lighting near St. Nshan church in Tbilisi PDF Print E-mail

20181103On November 3, 2018, on the initiative of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia, a group of faithful, led by Rev. Father Kirakos Simonyan and deacons marched towards the Surb Nshan or Surb Nikoghayos (Holy Sign or Saint Nicholas) church, A2founded in 1624, which today is standing but in an emergency condition.
Rev. Father and the spokeswoman of the Diocese made speeches to the attendees near the closed church. They told about the present situation of the church which has a status of a cultural monument, highlighted the inadmissibility of carrying out various works near the church and the territory around it which is in emergency condition.
20181103 132550After praying together, singing hymns and psalms and lighting candles, the participants of the march completed their peaceful act, expressing regret over the disastrous state of the Armenian historical church.
The Surb Nshan (Saint Nicholas) church of Tbilisi was built in the 17th century and has a complete architectural appearance. From the first half of the 19th century male and female, as well as parochial schools were opened 20181103 133424adjacent to the church.
During the Soviet era, along with a number of churches in Tbilisi, the Surb Nshan church also was closed. In the 1930's the church was again returned to the community but was closed again on May 3, 1931. The church building was adapted and used for various purposes.
Great damage was caused to the church as a result of fires occurred several times. Until the fire occurred in 2002, the church was always closed because 20181103 134810it was used for different purposes. After the fire, the level of emergency state of the church rose. The subversive impact of water caused sediments at the central part of the prayer hall and on the northern entrance surface. Church frescoes also almost completely destroyed.
Surb Nshan church also had a cemetery. In the 1970's, most of the gravestones in the northern part were covered with asphalt.  Only a few tombstones were visible because they were not asphalted because were a bit higher.
Surb Nshan church, being always within the framework of ambitions of the Georgian Orthodox Church, is not returned to the Armenian community of Georgia till nowadays. The church today is standing but in an emergency condition and disastrous state.

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