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People were amazed by the knowledge of students of the "Saint Gregory the Illuminator" preschool PDF Print E-mail

A1On November 27, 2018, in the senior group of the "Surb Grigor Lusavorich" ("Saint Gregory the Illuminator") 1preschool of the Alexander Mantashev Educational, Cultural and Youth Center in Batumi (head of the Center – Sona Hovhannisyan) of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia an open lesson, full of many interesting surprises and dedicated to the mathematics, more precisely to preliminary arithmetic took place. It was entitled "Travel to Mathematical Islands".  By the efforts of teachers and parents, the classroom was decorated in accordance with the event's theme – colorful figures and images and the students wore beautiful clothes. Beautiful classroom was in harmony with the thoughtful 2and clever answers of the students of the preschool. As a result, the lesson was interesting and informative and the day became truly festive.
During the lesson, the children navigated the 5 3mathematical islands which were full of hardships, easily and fast solved their tasks in four languages (Armenian, Georgian, Russian and English), counted, named geometrical shapes, did addition, subtraction and comparing operations, differentiated and grouped subjects, demonstrated their knowledge of space and time orientation, enthusiastically answered the logical questions given by teachers.
The lesson was saturated with beautiful songs and dances which made it more joyful.  Parents of the students were present at the open lesson and they were delighted with the correct answers of their children and felt much more enthusiasm and pride when realized how much knowledge their children receives in this preschool where education is organized in native language.

Armenian (Հայերեն)Georgian (ქართული)English (United Kingdom)Russian (Русский)