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The main purpose of the Armenian Diocese’s Department of Education is the preservation of the Armenian identity.

One-day Armenian teaching schools are offered at the Diocese, to teach the Armenian student his Mother tongue and the history of Armenia and Armenian Church.

Sunday schools in Tbilisi were founded 20 years ago by, the greatly lamented, Archbishop Gevorg Seraydaryan, at the time the leader of the Diocese.

“St Gregory of Narek” Saturday School, “St Yeghia (Prophet Elijah)” Sunday school, Batumi “St Mesrop Mashtots”, Qobuleti “Vramshapuh” and Ozurgeti “Sahak Parthev” One-day Schools are currently operational. The curriculum in one-day schools is biennial. After finishing their education graduates receive certificates.

Tbilisi “St Gregory of Narek” Saturday school

In this school, teenagers aged 10-17, attending foreign language schools, learn Armenian. Here they learn the language of their ancestors, familiarize themselves with the history of Armenia. First and second grade classes are divided into several groups.

The teacher of “St Gregory of Narek” Saturday School is a well-known educational specialist Tamar Gaboyan, who spares no effort to teach young people their Mother tongue. Many students of this school are the participants of the Hayartun Center’s creative groups.

Tbilisi “St Yeghia” Sunday school

In this school Armenians aged 17 and over learn Armenian literacy. They receive primary knowledge about the Armenian grammar and literature. The students are not only participants but also initiators of different events. In each class there can be 2-3 groups with up to 25 students in each.

Roza Zohrabyan, honored teacher, Armenian language and literature specialist, teaches at “St Yeghia” Sunday school. 2-3 interesting and purposeful events are being organized during the educational year at this gymnasium. The history of Armenia and Armenian Church are also taught at this school.

Batumi “St Mesrop Mashtots” School

One-day school named after Mesrop Mashtots at Surb Prkich (St Savior) Church in Batumi was opened in 2007 for the purpose of preserving the Armenian identity, providing education in the Armenian spirit, familiarizing the students with cultural and educational values. Local Armenians were very excited about the opening of the school. Not only Armenians, but also students of other nationalities and of different ages attend the school.

The teachers of Batumi “St Mesrop Mashtots” School are Satenik Danielyan and Sona Hovhannisyan.

“St Movses Khorenatsi” Preschool

Person in charge, Eugenia Markosyan

For many decades there was no national preschool institution functioning in Tbilisi. “St Movses Khorenatsi” Preschool was established with the initiative and support of the leader of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia in 2011 only for 8 students. Now approximately 60 students attend the preschool. The preschool has senior and junior groups. Three teachers and one nanny are responsible for the education process. The day at the preschool begins with the Matin and blessings of the priests.

“St Movses Khorenatsi” Preschool – person in charge, Eugenia Markosyan. The following subject teachers are responsible for the education process:

Literacy and speech development – Eugenia Markosyan

Mathematics, World around us, Dance classes – Aksana Sharoyan

Religious education and Fine arts – Metaksia Ghazaryan

Song and music classes – Maria Abulyan

Khrimyan Hayrik Kindergarten at the Surb Gevorg Churh in the village of Arakova

The kindergarten was founded in 2008. The kindergarten program is for 3 to 6 year old children. Children are engaged in a wide variety of activities. After a morning prayer, having breakfast, preschoolers learn Armenian alphabet while playing, build on their knowledge of basic arithmetic. The dinner follows the screening of Bible story cartoons; kids attend singing, drawing, dancing classes, play different games.

Person in charge and the teacher is Narine Ter Mkrtchyan.

There are also a nanny and a cook in the kindergarten.

The main goals of the preschool are to preserve and to improve the physical, moral and mental health of the children and to assure their harmonious development. Moreover, it has a mission to prepare the student for Armenian public schools.

The “Hayartun” Cultural Educational and Youth Center at the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Georgia

In 2011 at the initiative of the Head of the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Georgia, His Grace Bishop Vazgen Mirzakhanyan and the residence of the Head of the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Georgia, under the patronage of living in Russia businessman Boris Saakov and Armenian businessmen of Georgia Rafik Agajanyan, Samvel Agekyan, Aram Simonyan, Nelson Petrosyan, Kim Safarov, Aram Manosyan, Vitaly Manasyan, Samvel Manukyan and Arkady Manukyan, nearby SurbEtchmiadzin Church in Tbilisi the Armenian culture house was built, the solemn opening of which took place on June 12, 2011 during the visit to Georgia of His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians. The Catholicos of All Armenians gave his blessing and congratulated the Armenian community on the opening of the center; His Holiness wished it would become one more cultural, national, spiritual hearth imbued with the Armenian spirit, preserving the traditions of Tumanyan’s “Hayartun”.

Formed at the Cathedral of SurbGevorg at the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Georgia in 2010, the “Hayartun” Cultural Center from the first day of creation initiated patriotic activities and productive work, promoting mother tongue preservation, celebration of historic holidays and the feasts of the church, revival of folk customs and traditions, strengthening of Armenian-Georgian cultural ties.

The “Hayartun” Center is a serious structure, where the staff headed by the Primate of the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Georgia faithfully serves to the implementation of high national ideas.

Armenian Culture House brings together under its auspices various Armenian unions. According to predefined plan of the unions, united under the patronage of the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Georgia, exhibitions, book presentations, discussions, meetings, anniversary events, as well as festivals, receptions and celebrations are organized. During this events every Saturday and Sunday the CalousteGulbenkian Hall is crowded, inviting Armenians and as well as representatives of other nationalities.

The Director of the “Hayartun” Center is Levon Chidilyan, the Head of the Cultural Department at the Armenian Diocese in Georgia.

The “Hayartun” Center cooperates with Armenian creative unions in Georgia and patronizes them. Such as:

“Vernatun” Union of Armenian Writers of Georgia – Chairman Gevorg Snkhchyan,

"Kamurj" Public Organization for the Armenian-Georgian Literary Relations – Chairperson AnahitBostanjyan,

Union of Armenian Intellectuals of Georgia – Chairman Yenok Tadevosyan,

Union of Armenian Artists of Georgia – Chairman Meruzhan Shahumyan,

Gary Davtyan Puppet and Culture House – Headmistress Zhanna Davtyan,

Association of Armenian Women of Georgia “Shushanik” - Chairperson Susanna Khachaturyan

The Armenian Community of Georgia (NGO) – Chairman Samvel Mkrtchyan

The Union of Armenian NGOs in Samtskhe-Javakheti and Kvemo Kartli – Chairman Artak Gabrielyan

“SHEN” NGO – Chairman Mikael Avagyan

The Educational Cultural and Youth Center in Akhaltsikhe – Coordinator Eduard Ayvazyan

The Rafael Javakh Educational Cultural and Youth Center in Ninotsminda – Director Zhora Snkhchyan

The Alexander Mantashev Educational Cultural Youth Center in Batumi – Director Sona Hovhannisyan

The Georgian Writer’s Union – Chairman Makvala Gonashvili,

The Georgian Artist’s Union -

The Georgian Musician’s Union – Kakha Tsabadze

The Tolerance Centre at the Public Defender's Office - Beka Mindiashvili

Tolerance and Diversity Institute (TDI) – Director Eka Chitanava

The “Hayartun” Cultural Educational and Youth Center at the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Georgia conducts its activities through departments. Pavel Oganezov is the artistic director of the center. As a result of his strict supervision and consistent work the center unites young people, true art lovers, whose major goal is to learn and master Armenian performing arts. The selection committee headed by the artistic director conducts enrollment in these groups. After getting enrolled in specific group knowledge of Armenian language becomes obligatory. Those, who don’t know Armenian, attend two-year language courses at “Hayartun” Center.

Cultural groups

Song and dance groups created since the establishment of the center serve cultural purposes. Such as:

St. NersesShorhali Youth Vocal Ensemble – choirmaster, experienced teacher Maria Abulyan, and pianist Karen Mirzoyan.

Taron Youth Folk Dance Group – choreographer SurenAbramyan

Class of duduk – teacher Ivan Mkrtchyan

Class of dhol – teacher Robert Kashavanidze

Youth Vocal Instrumental Ensemble – under the guidance of Vladimir Asaturov

The class of duduk – teacher IvaneMkrtchyan

Children’s Art Studio – teacher Tamara Sulkhanishvili

St. NersesShorhali Youth Vocal Ensemble: Here boys and girls from ages 7 to 15 years enthusiastically study folk songs, pieces of classic, spiritual, and national art, skillfully present choral music on different stages. The choir participates in different contests and festivals organized in Armenia and Georgia, is afforded the honor to sing at gala concerts, and every time comes back home with awards and diplomas. Every year the choir is getting more mature, and its experienced performers join the Church Choir or the Youth Vocal Instrumental Ensemble, while the youth choir welcomes newcomers after audition.

St. NersesShorhali Youth Vocal Ensemble members acquire here basic music knowledge.

The class of duduk. Children ages 9 years and older learn to play our national instrument –duduk, get to know the names of famous Armenian duduk players, are informed about their life and work.

The class of dhol. There are plenty of people showing interest to learn how to play this musical instrument. The students in both classes of dhol and duduk learn how to play musical instruments correctly. They learn the history of folk music instruments, acquire knowledge about professional performers.RA Ministry of Diaspora helped in the organization of the classes and equipment with musical instruments.

There is Youth Vocal Instrumental Ensemble – under the guidance of Vladimir Asaturov,

12-17-year-old Armenians learn how to play modern musical instruments: guitar, bass guitar, drums and keyboards. They also prepare substitute for band members. The junior group prepares music players, so they could join the band in the future. The work with pop singers is also conducted. The aim of ensemble is to become a professional pop group.

Children’s Art Studio operates at “Hayartun” center (teacher Tamara Sulkhanishvili). Children from ages 3-6 learn to draw, model in clay and create different art works, which are presented at various children’s exhibitions in Georgia, Armenia and Artsakh. The students of the studio took the prizes at the children’s fine art exhibition organized in Yerevan and won the trip to Artsakh and were given a chance to participate in “Tatev’s wings” festival. The exhibition of hand-made paper clothing and accessories and the exhibition-contest of Christmas trees made from recycled materials have already become a tradition for the students of this art studio.

St. MovsesKhorenatsi Kindergarten (two groups, 60 students), St. Yeghia Saturday school (four groups, 105 students), St. Gregory of Narek Sunday school (four groups, 95 students) are operating at the “Hayartun” Center under the authority of the Department of Education.

Every Sunday the “Hayartun” Center hosts Armenian History lecture series, after which film screening about Armenia take place, later ethnographic song and dance classesare held. More than 600 students and Armenians of different age come into contact with everyday activities of the “Hayartun” Center throughout the week.

One of the major activities of the "Hayartun" Cultural Center is the promotion of the Armenian cultural life in the regions inhabited by Armenians. Many different events are being organized for that purpose, and serious work is conducted to establish educational, cultural and youth centers similar to “Hayartun”.

Alexander Mantashev Educational Cultural and Youth Center in Batumi

The Alexander Mantashev Educational Cultural Youth Center started its activities in Batumi, in 2015.
The Center operates at Batumi’s Saint Savior Church and is a Diocesan-owned property. The Center was acquired with the support of the RA Government (RA Ministry of Diaspora) and remodeled thanks to the funds allocated by the Jinishian Memorial Foundation. The Headquarters of the Armenian Diocese in Georgian and the Surb Prkich Church parish raised funds to provide furnishings and finalize other aspects of interior design.
The activities of the Center are aimed at the preservation of the mother language and Armenian national identity, development of Armenian culture, strengthening of the friendship between Armenians and Georgians.
United around the Center teachers’ work is aimed at the preservation of national identity, promotion of Armenian upbringing of the new generation, and youth activities imbued with the spirit of friendship and national identity.
The head of the Alexander Mantashev Center, Sona Hovhannisyan, is a teacher and psychologist. The Center runs St. Gregory the Illuminator Kindergarten , St. Mesrop Mashtots one-day Armenian school , “Mer Apagan” (Our Future) youth association, music classes “Aghbyur” , dance classes “Heghnar”, a drama circle, recitation classes, electronic media services, psychology courses et al.

St. Gregory the Illuminator Kindergarten
Children from ages 3-6 attend the newly established primary school every official working day of the week. The primary school is conducted in accordance with the program of the Department of Education of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia. The students of the senior group are taught basic arithmetic, literacy in Armenian, English and Georgian, singing, dancing, fine arts and receive spiritual education. Various events and performances reflect the results of the kindergarten students.
The teachers of the school are Sona Hovhannisyan and Diana Hakobyan.

St. Mesrop Mashtots Sunday School
St. Mesrop Mashtots Sunday School was established in 2007 at the Surb Prkich Church in Batumi. Sunday School classes were held in the Church building. After the opening of the Alexander Mantashev Center the classes of one-day Armenian school are being held at the new center.
The Sunday School strives to preserve the Armenian identity, provide education in the Armenian spirit, familiarize the students with cultural and educational values.
The teacher of the school is Satenik Danielyan.

Aghbyur Youth Vocal Ensemble
There is a children’s and youth choir operating at the Center. The choir participates in different contests and festivals organized in Armenia and Georgia. The choir has also joined with performances at concerts and participated in “Im Hayastan” (“My Armenia”) Festival and the “Komitas Vardapet” Pan-Armenian Music Festival.
The choir master is Church Choir Director, Ruzanna Hovhannisyan.

Heghnar Dance Group
The objectives of the Heghnar Dance Group include teaching young men and women national dances, thus preserving and spreading Armenian national culture.
Dances are choreographed by Merine Poghosyan.
There are also a drama circle and recitation classes at the center. The members of the groups often perform excerpts from various plays. Here students acquire dramatic reading skills, acquire refinement in declamation.
The teacher is Satenik Danielyan.

Children’s Art Studio
Here children from ages 5-9 receive aesthetic education.  The studio has its own school curriculum. The main purpose is to develop children's imagination an aesthetic skills, the formation of children’s taste.
The teacher is Marietta Apetyan.
The psychology courses are also available; a psychologist provides help and assistance.
The psychologist is Sona Hovhannisyan.

“Mer Apagan” (Our Future) Youth Center
“Mer Apagan” (Our Future) Youth Association also operates at the Center. The association aims to unite the Armenian youth around the Surb Prkich Church, to coordinate and direct its activities, based on the principles of the preservation of national identity, Christian love and friendship between peoples.
The youth association coordinates the participation of youth in different seminars and conferences in Batumi and outside its borders. Theoretical knowledge they acquire, new acquaintances, communication, experience exchange with Georgian and foreign youth organizations promote active work of the youth union, help to organize various interesting events.
“Mer Apagan” (Our Future) Youth Association closely collaborates with the Department of Youth Affairs at the Armenian Diocese in Georgia. Active communication, reciprocal visits, joint events planning and implementation make the work of the Armenian youth organizations in Georgia purposeful and coordinated.
 “Mer Apagan” (Our Future) Youth Department, under the guidance of Rev. Father Ararat Gumbalyan, Pastor of Armenian community in Adjara, Guria and Imereti of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia, is expanding its activities every day. Young people are engaged in social activities, such as assisting to people in need, they provide social services for disadvantaged families and lonely elderly people. The union members are actively involved in sporting activities. The football team has achieved the most visible success. The team became famous throughout the country.  
The activities of the youth include the development of general knowledge and intellectual abilities of the Armenian youth. Training at the “Connoisseur Club”, participation in various competitions, up to brain ring competitions both in Tbilisi and Yerevan help to accomplish the aforementioned goal.
The center’s daily work includes song, dance, recitation and drama circles, in which young Armenians of Batumi are actively involved.
The union takes part in different programs implemented in Georgia and Armenia, such as the scout camp, the “Ari Tun” Program and training courses. Under the guidance of the Department of Youth Affairs at the Armenian Diocese in Georgia “Mer Apagan” (Our Future) youth association participates in pilgrimages to different historic-cultural sites of Georgia, Armenia and Artsakh.
The youth union also brings together the Armenian students of the higher educational establishments.
“Mer Apagan” (Our Future) youth association closely collaborates with other youth organizations in the Autonomous Republic of Ajara, participates in youth, cultural, sports and educational programs of the Autonomous Republic of Ajara. The union initiates and implements various joint projects.
The President of “Mer Apagan” (Our Future) youth association is Diana Yeghiazaryan.

“Rafael Javakh” Cultural Educational and Youth Center

“Rafael Javakh” Cultural Educational and Youth Center

Zhora Snkhchyan, Head of the Center.

The “Rafael Javakh” Cultural Educational and Youth Center operates in Ninotsminda, at the St. Sarkis Church of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia. It was named after a native of Khojabek, novelist and author of seven books, Rafael Gharslyan.

The Center was acquired through financial donations made by the brothers, Armen and Tatul Gharslyans.

The Center aims to develop national mentality, spiritual revival and Armenian culture familiarization skills among the Armenian youth in the region.

The Center runs education courses in multiple fields, such as:

Armenian Church History (Rev. Father Armash Poghosyan, Rima Sahakyan);

History of Armenia (Samvel, Putulyan, Anahit Sahakyan);

Culture of Armenia (Zhora Snkhchyan);

Recitation classes (Satik Mkrtchyan);

Choir (Irina Gharslyan);

Arts and National Armenian Carpet School (Ruzanna Sirakanyan);

National Dance Group (Sevak Bdoyan);

Press service

The Center has 13 employees.

The “Rafael Javakh” Cultural Center has 3 classrooms, a hall - 100 person capacity; technical equipment is available. The Coordinating Council manages the Center according to schedule.

The Center hosts cultural, educational, religious, informative, sport events, which are related to different aspects of national education of Armenian youth.

The Center has a book publishing division. Calendars featuring the revival of spiritual and secular life in the Center and the region, historical events, religious and secular holidays, are being published for a mass distribution.

Founded in the Center the Brothers Armen and Tatul Fondation annually publishes 1-2 author’s books. The collections of poetry and prose by Victor Hovsepyan, Michael Akhtyan, Guri Eteri were published in previous years.

Pilgrimages to different historic-cultural sites of Georgia and Armenia, to cultural centers, the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin are being organized.

The written tests and essays help to measure the Center students’ achievement. Young people participate in mind games, quizzes, question and answer sessions.

The Center takes active part in outdoor events, gives concerts during traditionally celebrated Jivani, gusan Havasi, Ghazaros Aghayan , Vahan Teryan and Victor Hovsepyan days, the Day of Satkha.