Department of Youth Affairs – director Valeri Badalian

Department of Youth Affairs aims to unite the Armenian youth of Georgia around the Church, to promote Armenian education and inculcate a sense of commitment to the lofty ideals of preservation of national identity. The Association of Church Youth Groups serves exactly that purpose. Day after day the activities of youth groups develop and get wide range.

One of the goals of the Department of Youth affairs is to raise young leaders. In this regard different seminars and conferences are being organized, in which the young people from the capital and Armenian-inhabited regions participate. Similar seminars, training programs and conferences contribute to revitalization of the community, organization of events, and help to make the day of young people in the region and village interesting and informative.

The Department of Youth Affairs is also interested in civic education of the youth. Weekly lecture series on the history of the Armenian Church and Armenian people, and on civic education, organized at the “Hayartun” Center, promote to clear explanation of human rights and responsibilities and help to integrate into Georgian civil society. The youth from different Georgian regions goes on pilgrimage, visits historical places, Armenia and Artsakh.

The activities of the youth groups include: the unification of the Armenian youth studying at different universities, the work with school youth groups, the organization of summer camps and participation in scouting programs, the activities of Amateur youth groups of songs and dances, different sports events for the Hayartun Cup of the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Georgia.

The patriotic duty of the youth organization is to take care of the Tbilisi Pantheon of the Armenian Writers and Public Figures “Khojivanq”. Voluntary groups of young people organize clean-up activities, plant trees, take care of the Pantheon.

The Youth Department has sub-departments, the managers of which coordinate the work, create new projects, and maintain program development and implementation. Such as:

Students’ Union – person in charge, Nina Seropova,

Ari Tun”, summer camp programs and scouting – person in charge, Valeri Badalian,

Taron” song and dance youth ensemble – person in charge, Suren Abramyan.

The Youth Department has following sub-departments in it:

1. Physicians’ Club

2. Young Historians’ Club

Hayartun” football cup and “Tigran Petrosyan” chess cup tournaments are being held on regular basis.

The Department of Youth Affairs at the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Georgia is in close cooperation with Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs and with the Ministry of Culture, Education and Science of Georgia. It also has strong connections with RA Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, RA Ministry of Diaspora, RA Ministry of Culture, participates in their programs, and implements joint projects.

The department head Valeri Badalian graduated from Georgian Technical University, he is a professional web designer and programmer, is in charge of the Electronic media service at the Press and Media Department. Is active, has practical experience and love for social work, is a good manager and young leader, easily guides the work with young people and takes an active part in it.

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