Construction and renovation works in the yard of Surb Nshan church

S44026582t. Nshan church is located at Sultonishnis 6 (previously Hakobyan). It is a purely Armenian church with a status of monument and is under the jurisdiction of the Georgian Monuments Protection Department. Responsibility for the preservation of the monument is provided by the Ministry of Culture of Georgia and the State Committee for the Protection of Monuments.
The Georgian Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church, in pursuit of the concern raised by the Armenian believers in the issue of protection of 44031723 Armenian cultural heritage and related issues in Georgia, has sent a letter to the State Committee for the Protection of Monuments and 44026582 calls to Tbilisi City Hall a few days ago to carry out drilling activities in the yard of the Surb Nshan Armenian Church on the occasion. The Diocese addressed an official letter to the relevant authorities in order to supervise their specialists and take appropriate steps noting that the works carried out in the church may damage the church, including the ground and walls, the archeological layer and the graves in the church yard.

44031723The Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Georgia, distributing the concerns of the Armenian believers, informs that the relevant division of the municipality studying the issue on the spot has recorded that the communication network through the yard of the church has been damaged and repairs are carried out by the Krtsanis administrative district.

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