Armenian Diocese in Georgia continues to help needy people

The Armenian Diocese in Georgia continues to provide aid to single, elderly, disabled and needy people and their families with the support and funds of our church-loving benefactor compatriots. They received packages with different necessary food.

This time the humanitarian action was implemented on the initiative and with the support of the HOPE charitable non-governmental organization, headed by the founder and director of the organization Veronika Hunanyan.

During August 7-9, 2020, 30 needy families, as well as families with disabled members in Tbilisi received packages with 14 different types of food. With the blessings of Vicar of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia, Rev. Father Archimandrite Kirakos Davtyan and with the funds provided by the above-mentioned organization the food was bought and distributed to the families by the clergymen of St. Etchmiadzin church in Avlabari, Tbilisi, Director of the ''Hayartun'' Center Eugenia Markosyan and volunteer Marine Sumakhyan.

The Armenian Diocese in Georgia continues to provide aid to needy families.

May Almighty God bless you all and keep you healthy both in body and soul.

Surb Gevorg

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