Candlelight Divine Liturgy in Armenian Churches in Tbilisi

On April 11, 2020, on the Eve of the Feast of the Glorious Resurrection of Jesus Christ, a Candlelight Divine Liturgy was celebrated in the churches of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia.

However, the situation has changed this year because of coronavirus epidemic. Due to the restrictions related with the state of emergency in the country, the Divine Liturgy was celebrated immediately after the Evening Service in the churches, behind the doors. The Liturgy was broadcast online. The faithful, listening to the repeated calls to stay at home, however they came to take part in the holy ceremony; they participated from church courtyard, listening to the Liturgy through loudspeakers and standing at a distance of 2 meters far from each other.

The Candlelight Divine Liturgy in St. Etchmiadzin church was celebrated by Pastor Rev. Father Samvel Torosyan, under the presidency of Vicar of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia, Rev. Father Archimandrite Kirakos Davtyan.

92642691During the Divine Liturgy, Rev. Father addressed his sermon to the faithful. Rev. Father Kirakos preached about the mystery of the day, touched upon the situation in the word, highlighted that the epidemic has raised the necessity to reconsider our values. The Diocesan Vicar emphasized the need to be cleansed from sins, to get closer to God and Faith, to appreciate and love each other, to live and act in a new way.

Afterwards, Rev. Father announced the good news of the Lord’s Resurrection. The faithful congratulated one another on the occasion of the Glorious Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

At the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy, the Diocesan Vicar congratulated the faithful on the occasion of the Feast of the Glorious Resurrection of Jesus Christ, wished peace and prosperity, progress and development to Georgia and Armenia, and asked Almighty God to give His blessings and save all humanity from the disaster of coronavirus epidemic and give an opportunity to return to a peaceful life.

At the end of the Divine Liturgy, people one by one entered the church, lit their candle from the lamp and returned home with the blessing of Our Savior and the Holy Light of Our Lord’s Resurrection. Later the first Home Blessing Service after the Feast of Resurrection of Jesus Christ was offered. Bread, water, and salt were blessed.



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