Dedaena’s Day celebrated at “House of Hovhannes Tumanyan” Center of Armenian Diocese in Georgia

April 14 is declared Dedaena’s Day (Mother Language) in Georgia. In celebration of this holiday, with blessings of the Primate of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia, His Grace Bishop Kirakos Davtyan, a literary and musical event was held at the “House of Hovhannes Tumanyan” Center for Science and Culture. Schoolchildren of Georgian-Armenian Public School N103 (director: Archil Chkhaidze) under the guidance of teachers Gayane Petrosyan, Nino Kobakhidze and Nino Yakobidze, as well as schoolchildren of Armenian Public School N104 (director: Irina Zhamkochyan) accompanied by Marietta Shahdinaryan, participated in the event. Students, lecturers, Armenian and Georgian public members attended the event.

The Center’s tour guide Gohar Mazmanyan, touched upon the centuries-old history of the Georgian people, the role of language in maintaining the nation's identity, mentioned the appreciation of the famous figures of the nation, according to which the state language is the measure of the country's dignity.

Mia Darsania, a member of the "Armenian Community of Georgia" non-governmental organization, referred to the history of declaring Georgian as the state language of Georgia and the celebration of Dedaena’s Day.

The representative of the Golden Fund of the Georgian Radio Broadcasting Sound Library, poet Lili Gogebashvili, Armenologist, doctor of philology, former diplomat of the Embassy of Georgia in Armenia Nino Aptsiauri, and press spokesperson of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia Susanna Khachatryan made speeches about the Georgian language, which has a history of thousands of years, as a guarantor of the maintenance of national continuity, uniqueness, unique script and alphabet, century-old Armenian-Georgian inseparable friendship, as well as about the Armenian community in Georgia, and the progress of the integration of the Armenians, especially the youth, into the Georgian civil society.

Schoolchildren of public schools N104 and N103 presented beautiful and meaningful literary performances, and Natalia Mirzoyan, a schoolgirl of School N62, presented Hovhannes Tumanyan's poem "Ancient Blessing" in Georgian, which was translated by the Georgian poet Ioseb Grishashvili.

"Vank", "Jeyran" and "Mush" dance ensembles (artistic directors: Liana Kashavanidze and Svetlana Yeritsyan) performed Armenian and Georgian dances at the event dedicated to Dedaena’s Day.

The event dedicated to Dedaena’s Day truly became another beautiful page in Armenian and Georgian friendship history.


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