Festive mood and traditional painted egg tapping at "Movses Khorenatsi" Preschool

On April 2, 2024, "Saint Moses of Khoren" ("Movses Khorenatsi”) Preschool was visited by Vachagan Hakobyan, the godfather of the cross of Saint Etchmiadzin Church in Avlabar. According to the tradition established years ago in the preschool, the godfather of the church came to congratulate the children on Easter.

After the blessing of the children by Rev. Father Hovsep Harutyunyan, the head of "Hayartun" Center Eugenia Markosyan and the teachers of the preschool organized the children's favorite egg tapping game, bringing happiness to the children and creating a joyful mood.

Adults also joined in the delight of the little ones. Godfather Vachagan Hakobyan congratulated the children on the occasion of the Easter Feast and wished them health and happy days. All the children received presents from the godfather.


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