Peaceful demonstration near Republic of Turkey Embassy in Tbilisi

On April 24, 2024, at the initiative of "Armenian Community of Georgia" non-governmental organization, and with the support of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia, a peaceful protest demonstration took place near the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Tbilisi, which was preceded by an exhibition of photographs with shocking images reflecting the crimes of the Genocide.

Giving the opening remarks at the demonstration, Artur Mirzoyan, president of the organization called April 24 the day of Armenian unity, urging the participants to vigorously uphold the just demands of Armenians.

Rev. Father Kirakos Simonyan spoke at the demonstration with his prayer asking for intercession of the Holy Martyrs.

The participants of the demonstration standing in front of the Turkish Embassy expressed their protest in Armenian, Georgian, English, and Turkish languages against the policy of denying the Armenian Genocide in 1915-23, demanding that according to international laws, Turkey should be held accountable for the crime it committed.

Calls for condemnation, recognition, and compensation were heard during the protest, which was synchronized with patriotic poems and songs showing the unity and invincibility of the nation. Those who delivered speeches at the protest also spoke about the complicated situation and tragic present conditions in the motherland, condemning the illegal encroachments of Azerbaijan and Turkey, the depopulation of Artsakh, and demanding the release of Armenian politicians captured in Baku.

The demonstration took place in a peaceful atmosphere, observing all norms of public order. The organizers of the protest expressed their gratitude to the police service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, who ensured the implementation of the peaceful protest of Armenians in Tbilisi showing respect and reasonable understanding.

On April 24, protest actions, marches, and peaceful demonstrations took place in Armenian-populated cities and regions of Georgia.

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