Saint Gregory the Illuminator Church in Gomani consecrated Primate of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia

October 21, 2023, truly became a historic day for the people of Gomani village of Akhalkalaki region. His Grace Bishop Kirakos Davtyan, Primate of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia, Saint Gregory the Illuminator Church, which was completely renovated in 1847, was consecrated.

The day was festive, and the ritual was solemn, because the dream of Gomani villagers, their desire to see the ruined church standing and functioning, finally came true.

The local residents welcomed the Diocesan Primate, General Prelate, and the guests from Tbilisi, Russia, the Republic of Armenia and other regions of Georgia, who arrived in Javakhk, with traditional bread and salt.

By His Grace Bishop Kirakos Davtyan, Primate of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia and with the participation of Rev. Father Archimandrite Nshan Hmayakyan, General Prelate at Samtskhe-Javakheti and Tsalka’s General Prelacy, Rev. Father Tadeos Ter-Mkrtchyan and Rev. Father Narek Tigranyan, consecrated with Holy Muron pillars of the church, baptismal font, the images that turned into icons, and the church became a house of God, a holy sanctuary for prayer.


After the Opening of the Door Service (Drnbatsek), the Diocesan Primate made a speech congratulating the faithful. His Grace Bishop Kirakos Davtyan highly valued the importance of the fulfillment of the long-held dream of the Gomani villagers to have a house of God in their village and the opportunity to receive the graces and blessings of Almighty God every day. His Grace Bishop Kirakos Davtyan deeply appreciated father and son Ruben and Davit Bandikyan, living in Russia, for their unwavering connection to their birthplace, their continued love and support for their compatriots, and for restoring the Saint Gregory the Illuminator Church for the village and its residents. Kirakos Davtyan handed over a letter of blessing and an Icon to the benefactors for their godly deed.

On the occasion of the consecration of the reconstructed Saint Grigor Lusavorich Church in Gomani, a reception was held in the village by the philanthropic Bandikyan family.

On Sunday, October 22, the first Divine Liturgy will be celebrated at the newly consecrated Saint Gregory the Illuminator Church in Gomani.


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