Ghapama feast on the first day of winter

On December 1, 2019, traditional ''Gapama'' feast was celebrated. The event was organized at the initiative of Association of Armenian Women in Georgia ''Shushanik'' and with the support of ''Hayartun'' Center and sponsorship of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia. The Ghapama feast has been held for the fifth consecutive year. The celebration dedicated to popularization of this Armenian national dish was dedicated to the start of winter. The tradition was not broken this time either.

79288640After Sunday Divine Liturgy, the faithful moved from Saint Etchmiadzin church to Calouste Gulbenkian hall of the ‘’Hayartun’’ Center, where fall farewell exhibition was presented by the students of N104 Armenian Public School (Director Irina Zhamkochyan). The tables in the hall were decorated by members of ''Shushanik'' Association, and Ghapama, stewed and fired pumpkins, jams and cookies, hot coffee and tea were in the tables.

The hall was full of people. Independent Member of Parliament of Georgia David Tchitchinadze, advisor of the Vicar of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia Armen Gevorgyan, Diocesan clergy, Diocesan Headquarters officials had come to congratulate the guests on the occasion of the first day of winter.

The event was honored with the presence of the Vicar of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia, Rev. Father Archimandrite Kirakos Davtyan.

78243721Chairwoman of Association of Armenian Women in Georgia ''Shushanik'' Susanna Khachatryan welcomed the guests, afterwards Georgian independent MP, who participated in Ghapama feast very tear with a pleasure, congratulated attendees. Diocesan Vicar Rev. Father Archimandrite Kirakos Davtyan congratulated attendees on the occasion of another season beginning, spoke in detail about the mystery of Ghapama feast, and urged the faithful to live with devotion to the church and great Christian faith.

Rev. Father blessed the decorated tables, highly appreciated the work done by women, after which the song ‘’Ghapama’’ was performed by the ‘’Nerses the Gracious’’ (Nerses Shnorhali) Choir and everybody was invited to take part in reception.

78567689The artistic groups of the ‘’Hayartun’’ Center performed a beautiful concert in accordance with the project by Diocesan Department of Culture and created joyful mood for the guests.

On December 1, Ghapama feast was also celebrated in Akhalkalaki. Despite the cold weather in Javakheti, the celebration took place in the courtyard of Holy Cross (Surb Khach) church with Armenian national dances and songs.



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