Primate of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia participated in the working meeting organized by "Build Georgia" religious group of IRI GEORGIA Institute

On February 2, 2023, the working meeting of the "Build Georgia" religious group of the IRI GEORGIA Institute launched in Batumi with a two-day program. The meeting was honored with the presence of the Primate of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia Rev. Father Archimandrite Kirakos Davtyan, and the Pastor of Armenian churches in Kvemo-Kartli region Rev. Father Archimandrite  Zaven Yazichyan. Representatives of various religious communities and organizations attended the working meeting organized by the religious group.

The aim of the meeting was to prevent and reduce the outflow of the most significant human and intellectual capital - "brains" - from the country by various means, to find out the factors that support this process, to discover the reason why people leave the country and go to other places. The challenges faced by the country as a result of this outflow and the role of religion and education in that process were discussed.


Among the issues discussed by the participants of the working meeting was the challenge to religion caused by the brain drain.

Can the abovementioned process bring any benefit to the religion? This urgent agenda question was discussed. The impact of host country policies on the brain drain process and the question of what religious organizations can do to prevent this problem were among the issues being discussed.

After finishing the discussion of the issues and summarizing the day's work, a memorandum was signed between the parties on participation and cooperation in the implementation of the project based on the principles of mutual respect and goodwill.

Tomorrow, on February 3, the "Build Georgia" religious group of IRI GEORGIA Institute will continue the working meeting.

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