Olga Machkalyan's 150th birthday in her family house

On December 12, 2021, the 150th anniversary of Hovhannes Tumanyan's spouse Olga Machkalyan was celebrated at the ''House of Hovhannes Tumanyan'' Center for Science and Culture of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia.

The evening was initiated by the ''House of Hovhannes Tumanyan'' Center and the Association of Armenian Women in Georgia ''Shushanik''.

Due to the restrictions, the number of people gathered in the hall was small, only those who had been vaccinated were present. The event was conducted by Gayane Hovsepyan, Susanna Khachatryan and Gohar Mazmanyan.

The event theme was unique, maintaining the warmth, love, and hospitality of the Tumanyan family and following the example of Mother Olga, it was dedicated to the devotion to the faith in the traditional family, the transmission of traditions and the maintenance of relics.

The hall was given a special luxury, in memory of Mother Olga it was decorated with rare items preserved from ancestors in different families which reminds the atmosphere of the past: embroidery samples, a rare umbrella, dishes, a wallet, scarves and other such things. Words of gratitude were addressed to the Davtyan, Zohrabyan, Aghekyan, Abovyan, Utmazyan, and Yeremyan families for presenting the rare items.

During the event, Tumanyan's granddaughter Irma Safrazbekyan from Germany and Ani Yeghiazaryan, director of the Hovhannes Tumanyan House – Museum in Yerevan joined online. Speaking about her grandparents, Mrs. Irma Safrazbekyan recalled her visits to this historic home, her closeness to her grandparents and their care which are unforgettable. Mrs. Irma demonstrated a cookbook that keeps the warmth of Mother Olga's fingers. Alyona Kalesnikova, Tumanyan's granddaughter, spoke about the tender love that Grandma Olga had for her grandchildren.

A family, following the example of Olga Machkalyan and Hovhannes Tumanyan's family, should be a real home where faith in God should prevail, there should be many children, traditions should be conveyed to generations, and relics should be preserved as holiness.

The biography of Saint Shushanik and the loyalty of Vardan Mamikonyan's daughter Shushanik to faith were touched upon because it should be strong, cherished and steadfast in the hearts of each of us.

Those present highly appreciated the uniqueness of the event, remembered the traditions established in their families in their speeches and paid their respect to the memory of Olga Machkalyan.

Summarizing the event, in his speech of appreciation, Rev. Father Virap Ghazaryan conveyed the blessings of the Primate of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia Rev. Father Kirakos Davtyan, called a family an earthly paradise which gives peace, warmth, love and respect to those who are there. As a family relic, he showed the German spoon brought by his father from captivity from the war against Germany, which he received from his father and keeps as a relic.

The event became more beautiful due to the classical performances of Svetlana Tatoeva, the Choirmaster of the Saint George church Choir, and her students. The beautiful classical songs performance of Samuel Odedokun, neurosurgeon and resident of Tbilisi Medical University was very interesting.

The event dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Olga Machkalyan was concluded with a special tea drinking which is specific for the Tumanyan family.


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