Commemoration of St. Davit of Dvin and Saint Martyrs Dambeos and Dambeuhie

This year is celebrated in:: 2019-09-30

St. Davit (David) of Dvin has been martyred in 701 A. D. in Armenia. He was from a noble family, his baptismal name was Sourhan. His father was Moslem, and his mother was Christian. He served in the Arabic Army. Coming to Armenia, he becomes Christian, and being baptized by the Catholicos Anastas, is renamed Davit. He has lived in Dvin for 30 years. During that period the Arab policeman Abdoulah starts persecutions against Christians and calls Davit to him and persuades him to convert to his old faith. Refusing to betray Christ and his faith, Davit is subjected to severe torments. The cruel Arab policeman decides to crucify Davit. While carrying out the verdict Davit voluntarily approaches the wooden cross and lies on the cross. Among the people assembled was Davit’s wife, who exhorted him to remain loyal to Christ’s faith. Davit is crucified and martyred. Bishop Amatounie, Moushegh Mamikonian and Artavazd - Davit’s brother, take off his body form the cross and bury him near the Church of St. Grigor of Dvin. In the Armenian Church there is a special church hymn dedicated to St. Davit of Dvin.

Dambeos (Lambeos) and Dambeuhie (Lambeas) have been sister and brother. They have lived in the town Nikomedia during the reign of the King Maximianos. Being Christians, they are imprisoned for not offering sacrifice to the idols and, after being subjected to torments, are martyred in 303 A. D.

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