Commemoration of Sts. Pontiffs Baragham, Antimos and Yeranos

This year is celebrated in:: 2019-09-26

St. Baragaham (Barlaam) (250-304) has lived in Antioch and has been martyred during the reign of the Roman Emperor Dioklethianos. For being Christian he is imprisoned and taken to the court. He refuses to offer sacrifice to the idols, and that fact annoys the judge. He orders to place in the saint’s palm a boiling incense container hoping that the old man will not endure the pain and will pour the incense on the heathen altar for offering sacrifice. However, the honest and pious man, ignoring the pain, holds his arm unmoved till his hand is burnt, and the saint is martyred suffering from severe pains.

St. Antimos (Anthimus) has been the Bishop of Nikomedia. During the reign of the Roman Emperors Dioklethianos and Maximos the Christians are blamed in setting a fire to the royal palace, and persecutions against Christians start. Because of persecutions Antimos is forced to leave the town and live in the mountains. During that period deacon Theophilos is martyred not willing to betray the Bishop Antimos. However, the King finds out the Bishop’s place and sends the soldiers to the mountains ordering to find the saint and to bring him. The soldiers find the saint and although they persuade him not to go with them to Nikomedia, the saint voluntarily returns and goes to the royal court. 20 soldiers, witnessing the saint’s unshaken faith and listening his sermons, are converted to Christianity and are baptized. During the examination in the court the saint gives brave answers, for which he is beheaded after many torments in 303 A. D.

St. Bishop Yeranos (Irenaeus) also has been martyred during the reign of the Roman Emperor Dioklethianos in the town Sirmia of Panonia. During the trial in the court the saint’s parents and relatives persuade him to feel pity for himself and his children. The saint answers that his children have God as their protector who always takes care of them. He remains unshaken in his faith and does not give up. After severe torments the saint is beheaded.

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