Holy Thursday

This year is celebrated in:: 2024-03-28

Holy Thursday is dedicated to the Last Supper of our Lord Jesus Christ and symbolizes the establishment of the Sacrament of Communion. In the morning, Divine Liturgy is celebrated in our churches. Following the Evening Service, the Service of the Washing of the Feet is conducted. Christ, displaying true humility and humbleness, washed the feet of his disciples after the last Supper (Jn 13:1-16). Following His example, priests in the Armenian Church humble themselves and kneel down on the bema, in front of the Church altar, and wash the feet of 12 children or servants of the church, anointing their feet with blessed oil.

In the evening of the Holy Thursday, a solemn service is held, which is the introduction to Good Friday. It symbolizes the Crucifixion, Death and Burial of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Gospel readings during the service recall the prayer of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, His betrayal, arrest, and the denial of Peter.

This feast has been and will be on the following dates

2030-04-18 Holy Thursday

2029-03-29 Holy Thursday

2028-04-13 Holy Thursday

2027-03-25 Holy Thursday

2026-04-02 Holy Thursday

2025-04-17 Holy Thursday

2024-03-28 Holy Thursday

2023-04-06 Holy Thursday

2022-04-14 Holy Thursday

2021-04-01 Holy Thursday

2020-04-09 Holy Thursday

2019-04-18 Holy Thursday

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